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Eco toys: The environmentally responsible way to learn and play

At Learning House, we provide quality educational toys for children, based on our philosophy that a love of education can be easily achieved by allowing a child to learn through play. First and foremost a family business, our sincere goal is to help parents understand more about how their children learn and play. To achieve this goal, we offer a wide range of high quality educational products and eco friendly toys, including wooden puzzles, science kits, musical toys and art activities. We believe with well balanced developmental and educational foundations, an inherent learning environment simply becomes part of your child's lifestyle and existence. So browse through our collection now, and let your child play in a stimulating, creative and enjoyable environment.

Creative development with eco friendly toys

The Learning House philosophy has been guided by the parenting experiences of the people behind it. Its creation stems from a powerful personal story. As parents, we only offer eco toys, games and puzzles we would happily see our own children playing with. So for the very best eco toys, head over to the online store now and check out our full range.

Eco baby toys: Stimulating, enjoyable, ethical

Eco friendly toys allow you an environmentally responsible way to entertain your child, all the while helping them to develop valuable cognitive skills. With so many different eco toys available- from puzzles, games and costumes to art activities- you can count of Learning House to inspire your child’s imagination. For infants, our range of eco friendly baby toys are a great way to provide sensory stimulation and to enhance motor skills and cognitive development. When you choose quality, educational eco baby toys for your child, we believe you are opening up wide possibilities for creativity and experimentation, setting your child on the right path towards a strong intellectually developed future. By stimulating your child’s imagination, eco toys encourage creative play, allowing them to learn and grow in a safe and enjoyable environment. So browse our range of eco friendly baby toys now and see the difference the right learning experience can make.

Check out our range of eco friendly baby toys now

Our belief is that by sharing our experiences and knowledge, we can help encourage parents to use eco baby toys to support their child’s journey towards academic learning, emotional security and social confidence. For a full range of eco friendly baby toys check out our collection now.