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Kids Puzzles

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Kids Puzzles & jigsaws: An inspired investment in your child's future

At Learning House we realise that your child's learning direction starts before birth. Probably from early pregnancy you were already researching how to provide the best educational opportunities for your soon-to-be infant.

Particularly if this is your first baby, it can be quite a puzzle to make the best choices for you and your family for kids puzzles - choices that will foster a nurturing home environment and a promising future for your child. At Learning House, we simplify one important part of that process: we source quality children's puzzles and kids puzzles jigsaws that you can be sure will enhance your baby's development.

There are enormous benefits to teaching your child to enjoy learning from an early age. Even as a baby, kids puzzles are a great exercise is sensory experiment and discovery. As babies explore the world around them, puzzles become a new challenge to logic and problem solving skills. Children's use of kids puzzles will change as they grow, making a jigsaw or kids puzzle a long-term investment in your child's education.

  • 0 to 6 months: An infant learns through exploratory and practice play. The look, feel and shape of a jigsaw or puzzle piece will inspire their curiosity
  • 12 to 18 months: As they grow, babies and infants functional play shows them what they can do with an object - children's puzzles start to be a logical challenge
  • 4 to 8 years: Children engage in constructive play to create things, or work towards a goal. For kids, building blocks and puzzles are a great way to exercise planning and problem solving skills.
  • 4 years onward: The right game, jigsaw or kids puzzle will provide challenges to children's cognitive development and academic learning from childhood into teenage years

Learning House has a great range for your babies and children - kids puzzles that will last throughout their childhood. Kids love the textures, colours and shapes of our toys, which capitivate their imagination and awaken their love of learning. Browse through our online store to find the perfect gift - jigsaws, games and kids puzzles are all categorised by developmental stages and types of play for your convenience.

Help your kids puzzles become a love of learning

When your infant or baby is discovering things for the first time, every new sight, sound, shape and texture is exciting revelation. This is why for your baby, puzzles are an endless source of wonder. A wooden puzzle has a solid weight and texture, while another puzzle may be smoother and lighter - discovering these subtle differences enhances an infant's perception of the world around them.

A baby will develop other skills while playing with a puzzle as well - learning recognition and definition. These two key skills not only enhance children's logical use of puzzles, but help with early reading as well. Children and babies learn to read by recognising shapes, so when you give young kids puzzles to play with, they are getting a head start on their recognition skills.

Children's puzzles & jigsaws: The key to enhanced early development

For kids, puzzles develop fundamental concentration and problem solving skills. For a baby, a puzzle will be a sensory experience, but as they develop they will naturally want to fit the pieces together. To solve a kids puzzles a child must use spatial awareness, logic and recognition skills. The earlier these vital areas of learning are developed, the more quickly your child's ability to concentrate and adopt new skills will advance.

At Learning House our range of children's kids puzzles is sure to inspire you and your children, right from birth. A wooden kids puzzle with large pieces is a safe, exciting way for your infant to experience new textures, colours and shapes. Browse through our online store today to find the perfect gift for your kids - be it puzzles, games or toys.